Custom Boat Trailer Ladder‎‎
July 12, 2010
By drrandom
(Google User Name)
I brought plans for a custom boat trailer ladder to Jacob. He worked with me to bring my idea to fruition.
He took great pride in his work and made sure the ladder functioned properly and would hold a
heavyweight like me. Now that it is finished and tested, he is going to powder coat it to match the trailer.
Great job Jacob! Now I can use my boat more safely and conveniently..‎

Jake G.
(Google Maps Review on July 12, 2010 for Cole Fabrication Iron Works )
Custom Driveway Gate
By Bleckley Law
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cole Fabrication for the great job they did on building and
installing my gate. My decision to have the gate installed was one of the best decisions I ever made "for
myself". Further, the gate is BEAUTIFUL!! To be able to get in my vehicle, push a button and have the gate
automatically open, has proven a GREAT, GREAT asset-- I no longer am required to "hike" that L-O-N-G
distance from my vehicle to the "old gate", open it up,drive through, get out of my vehicle, close and lock
the gate, then, drive away.(And, each time I made that "hike", the distance increased especially trying to
make the trek in heels. I have received many compliments on its appearance.
You did a Terrific Job!
Jeanette A Bleckley
Side Yard Gate
By Stacy
(Yahoo user name)
The ornamental gate that I had set-up from Cole fabrication is SO beautiful and antique-like. Just how I
wanted it and they do free upgrades too.
(Yahoo local for Cole Fabrication Iron Works 2009)
Custom Court Yard Gate
Jun 16, 2010
By star
(Google User Name)
Our gate was exactly what we wanted and needed for
privacy and to keep our cats in our courtyard, and it's
beautiful. Jacob Cole responded quickly and provided
a professional photo inserting our proposed gate
design onto a photo of our house to submit to our
association for approval and it was approved first time
round. Thanks Jacob!‎
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Chris Buckley
Garden gates, Cole-gate, trellis'
comments = High quality work with fantastic value. After not being able to get anyone to come out and give me an
estimate on having two gates put in around the house, one call to Cole Fabrication and Jacob was at my house
15 minutes later! Jacob of Cole Fabrication said the job would be done and installed in a week and it was! Not
only that, but the gates were better than expected, reasonably priced, and still look great two years later! Jacob
has done other projects for me including several metal trellis' that also look wonderful! He has done jobs for
neighbors that they love! I'd highly recommend Cole Fabrication to do your job!
Rating = Excellence | Excellence
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is an artiest first and Iron is her favorite  medium  let Lin design a work
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